hellomissalice (hellomissalice) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ATTN: heartsnspiders

I am looking for the user heartsnspiders.

Transaction details:
September 21 - I replied to her post about her Cherry Berry Bunny set: here
September 21 - I offered $290 for her set and was invoiced $295 soon after.
September 22 - I paid her invoice (this is within 24 hours).
September 25 - LJ messaged and emailed her after I haven't heard from her (she was pretty prompt with her responses before then)
September 29 - LJ messaged and emailed her again because I haven't heard from her since

September 29 - Filed dispute.
October 2 - Tried to contact seller again. Still no response. No response from dispute either.
October 5 - Seller emailed all buyers about transaction. She was involved in accident, but she said the items have been shipped by her mother and should be arriving (her message said to "give it 2 more days").
October 9 - Contacted seller again- still no item, no tracking number, no responses.
October 12 - Escalated dispute to claim. At this point, I think I just want my money back. I think I've waited a reasonable amount of time for seller to resolve the issues.
October 14 - Received CBB JSK. Now waiting for refund on the tote.

If anybody knows her personally - what's going on with her? I think I waited patiently enough to at least get a response back. On that note, has anybody who bought items from her received it?

I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt and wait for another few days. I am filing a dispute if I don't hear back by October 10th at the latest. =\

EGL feedback: here
EBAY feedback: here

I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!

Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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