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!DS/!DT BTSSB, AP, AATP, BodyLine, others and The Ultimate BTSSB AATP Novelty Set

Been meaning to sell some stuff for awhile finally got around to it.
Location:San Francisco, California USA
My Feedback Page
I encourage people to make offers if they are interested in items, I am willing to negotiate. I am a smoker!!!
Trades: Only interested in new or like new condition Brand Items!!! Things I might be interested in Tartan JSK's, Black/Pink Sweet Print skirts, a Sax cardigan/coat/jacket, Size 26.0 white or pink lolita boots, other things drop me a note I'll take a look.

My Alien, Buzz is my proof Icon
My Alien Buzz is my proof Icon

1Alice and the Pirates "Marine Sailor Frill"
Bought new from the Baby store in San Francisco this past summer.
Worn once, on that occasion I popped a button.  I have it, but never reattached it.
Paid over 315 for the OP
I've got a bust of 37" it fit but popped the button, I would say a max 36",
Dress is wrap style never seen another like it except at the store and never on EGLSales

Stock and proof pics

I figure $315-$70(since it is worn)-$10(To get professional cleaned)-$10 to fix button=$225 Plus shipping and fees

2.Angelic Pretty "Happy Garden"  Skirt in Pink
Bought from dealer at Japanese street festival in San Francisco awhile back.  I've never worn it, and it is perfect with no tags and it still has the new feel to it.  It has a fully shirred waist.
Stock and proof pics below


I would like $175 for it plus shipping and fees

3.Alice and the Pirates "Beauty and the Rose Promise" JSK and Side Hair bow in Pink

Bought new from the Baby store in San Francisco.  Worn once, in perfect shape.
Proof and Stock Photos

Paid like $300 + $40 for the bow-I'm hoping to get $225 plus shipping and fees for the set

5.Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cute Cookie Choker
I won a door prize bag at the super spendy Ice Cream Social the Baby store put on a few weeks back, it has only been taken out of the package to examine it.  Couldn't find a stock picture, the only other one I've seen was the one the other lolita who won a prize bag virtually identical to mine.

The event was cool, I have never seen another one, nor is it on the Baby Site, I've got no idea what to ask for it, does someone want it?  Please make an offer...

6.Bodyline Carousel print skirt in Yellow Size T2L New with tags only tried on once or twice.
Bodyline Measurements
Length 66cm
Waist 72-78cm

Proof and Stock images

I know Bodyline is having a ridiculous sale, part of the reason I am doing this post, however I bought this before then and I've never worn it.  Please make an offer

7.Bodyline Sax Dress Size 2L New with Tags        SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bodyline measurements 2L
Length 98cm
Bust 96cm
Waist 82cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Sleeve length 22cm
Stock and Proof Pics

I know Bodyline is having a ridiculous sale, part of the reason I am doing this post, however I bought this before then and I've never worn it.  Please make an offer

8.Baby the Stars Shine Bright Antoine bouquet head bow in Pink and White.
Bought on Ebay a few months back in mint condition, worn once.
Stock and Proof Pics

I don't remember what I paid for it new it is 6090 yen (about $72) on baby's site Please make an offer

9.Baby the Stars Shine Bright Twinkle Heart Hair Band
Bought new at store in San Francisco, Never worn
Proof and Stock Images

The item is like $52 (4410 Yen) new at the baby store, please make an offer.

10.Crystal Bow Ring, plastic has opening in the button to allow many size fingers to wear
Brought from street  vender at a fair in San Francisco

I think I paid like $12-15 for it, never worn. Please make an offer

11.Angelic Pretty White long Sleeve Cutsew     SOLD
Bought on EGLSales a little while back, it is absolutely adorable, I wish it was 7-10 CM's longer. it fit my big 37 inch bust however was a little short on my 5-11 sized body.
Pics below couldn't find a stock image really sorry about that.

12. The Ultimate Baby the Star Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates Novelty Lot!!!
So I live 7 blocks from the Baby Store, I've been collecting the things they give me when I buy things, so what I've collected over the last year or so is basically included in here.  I would really like to just sell it in one big lot, this is a totally unique collection here is a list of contents.

I've decided to break up the set.  Please make offers on items if you are interested.

Rare "Rainy Day" shopping Tote---Pending Sale
Eco Tote New in Bag
2 Sophia Cell Phone little Bears (Item 134*041, 3045 yen times 2)---Pending Sale Both
6 Baby Stickers---Pending Sale
2 Alice and the pirates stickers---Pending Sale
5 different postcards (3 of one, one each of the other 4)
1 Baby Stationary Set (Item 133*828 on Baby Store (420 yen)---Pending Sale
2 Autumn Catalogs
1 Written in 2010 Spring/Summer Catalog
Assorted Shopping bags including shopping Alice and the Pirates and others 5 plus maybe more I didn't count them up, I can't believe I'm selling shopping bags people seem to want them, I used to use them for recycling, until I realized people would like them.
Pics below(the pics show a couple of small buttons, I've decided to keep them and after this epic post please understand if I do not take another pic.)

The Buttons in the pic I've decided to keep, there is more on the list then is pictured, How much I'm not sure what to ask for, this is a unique collection, please make offers if interested.


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