Hime (mrs_gackt_camui) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Longshot bodyline jsk, and bodyline black highwaisted chiffon skirt

I am looking to buy the following two bodyline items.

I sold this JSK a while ago, but realize now how much I do really miss it. So I would love to own it once again. Unfortunatly I do not have a stock picture, but I do have the pictures I used when selling it. I would not like to pay more than $45 for it, since it is not worth anymore than that. Just a heads up there =) 
Sizing to fit
Bust: 84.4cm (34inch)
Waist: 66cm (26inch)

Second is Bodyline's Black High Waisted Chiffon Skirt which was on their site only a month or so ago. 
Sizing needed:
Waist:71.12cm (28inch)
*Picture supplied by dino_cookie . Thank you so much*

My feedback can be found here

Also please check out my sales/want to trades!!!
Mary Magdalene JSK
IW Replica Skirt


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