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!DS: Meta, Bodyline, Offbrand, Handmade! Priced to move!

First, terms of sale:

~First person to leave their paypal address has first priority to that item.
~I only accept paypal.
~Items include shipping in the US, for overseas please inquire with your location.
~US shipping is delivery confirmation. If you'd like something else, please let me know.
~I am open to partial or full trades, see bottom of post for details.
~I have 2 cats that I do not let near my clothing.  If you have allergies, be careful.
~If you don't like the price, make an offer! :)

EGLfeedback link:

Now, on to the goodies!

Hello Kitty will be my proof marker. ♥

Offbrand OTK BxW Striped Socks
These were worn one time, then laundered.  Here are photos ot the details:  <--Wear on soles.  <--Lace-up detail on top.

Metamorphose Dot Border Socks in GreyxBlack
$15 OBO
These socks are new without tags, only one tried on for a second to realize I don't like them.
Please let me know if you need additional pictures.

Metamorphose Pink OP (front)


$70 OBO
Site measurements: B-36" W-30"
This OP has been worn twice by me.  I received this with small stains on the front, they look like ink splatters.  I have tried to remove these, but have only been able to fade them.  On the bright side, this OP is washer and dyer safe! :)  The price reflects the damage, but please make an offer!
Pictures of spots:  (both without flash) <--Detail of lace on collar.

Bodyline Carousel Skirt (front)

Size M
This skirt is brand new with tags.  The little loop of ribbon that hangs the skirt on a hanger is split on one side, it came this way.  It in no way affects the skirt, other than hanging it on a coat hanger.  If you need pics of this, please ask.  <--Comes with waist ties and detachable bow.

Bodyline Winter Coat (front)

Size M
This coat was worn once, then laundered. This item is machine washable!  Very warm coat, suitable for snow.  <--Close up of bow on hem.  <--Close up of back bow with pearl detail.  <--Close up of fur trim.

Handmade Birdcage Necklace
This necklace features dangling glass pearls, silver tone bird charms and an opening bird cage with a moving bird inside.  Measures 24" long.
Please excuse the changing background, I was trying to find the best way to display these :s

Bird Charm detail

Bird Cage
Further detail shots:  <--Full length  <--Bird cage with flash

Pearls and Key Necklace
This necklace features a hand beaded  glass pearl chain and silver tone key charm.  Measures 19" with a 3" extender chain.

Detail shots:  <--Full length  <--Key detail

Handmade BlackxWhite Ribbon Rose Hair Clip/Brooch
Made with grosgrain ribbon, glass pearls and swarovski crystals. Measures 3.5" from tip to tip.  This one and the following one are test pieces and are priced as such

Back  <--front, different light 

Handmade PinkxBlue Ribbon Rose Hair Clip/Brooch
Made with grosgrain ribbon, glass pearls and swarovski crystals.  <--Back  <--Front without shadow.

I can also make these to order in many colors!  Please comment here or send me a PM if you'd like something you don't see here.

Another type: 
This type costs $10 and up because of the added time and materials.

About Trades:  I am interested in things in pink, white, sax and mint.  I like skirts, JSKs, cutsews and knits, brand or offbrand.  Show me what you've got! :D  I'm B-34 and W-26, and wear a US shoe size 8, for reference.

Thanks for looking!  

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