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DS: SS White Tea Party Shoes-Size 22.5 cm or S-SOLD Thank you!

Description: I'm wanting to sell these shoes. I did buy them from the comms used and Iv'e never worn them out. They don't fit all too well sadly. They have a few cuff marks that Iv'e tried to get rid of, but they just won't come off. The cuff marks are shown in the photos. There is wear in the inside, but it's not noticeable when worn, and same goes for the cuff marks! The treads on the bottom aren't even worn even though the previous owner wore them 9-10 times! There is a pic of the bottom to show this. My Pullip is my proof. I will give a direct link to my photobucket album since there are many pics! If you need more pics or have any questions, just ask! :)

Policies: All sales final!

Shipping: I prefer to sell to US lolitas. If no one wants to buy it and a lolita from another country wants to buy it, I will sell it to them with extra shipping costs. I will ship in a flat rate box with a tracking number on Tuesday. I will e-mail you the tracking number with a pic of the receipt.

Prices: Includes shipping within the US and covers the tracking number fees as well as the paypal fees. If you don't like the price give me an offer! I'm open to prices but I'm just trying to get back what I lost since I never actually wore them!. :)

Payment Method: Paypal only!

Measurements: They are 22.5 cm or S.

Price-50 USD OBO

Link to my album:

My feedback: I am only known as a buyer as Iv'e never sold anything before, but I'm sure this will be a good experience for both buyer and seller! :) I will make sure of it!
On egl:
On Ebay:

Thank you very much for taking the time to look! :)
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