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DS: Bye bye Stuff!

Here's my feedback.
Shipping via PayPal only, NO TRADES!!!
First to leave PayPal info receives item.
US buyers preferred, international buyers welcomed.
All sales are final.
Prices are negotiable.

Non Heat Resistant Curly Clip in Falls "Light Blonde"
NOTE: The picture to the RIGHT is the color you will be receiving, NOT the stock pic color!!!

Back view
Proof pic
Hair w/ flash

uhI bought these brand new from a GO order and they didn't match my hair as much as I thought they would, so I'm selling them off. Never worn and only one removed from packaging for quality check.


Bodyline Jeweled Cat Heels "White"
Size. 23.5 cm

Proof pic

Detail pic

A friend bought these brand new from a BodylineGO and they don't quite fit her foot, so off to the sales rack. They have only been tried on once with minor wear from poor packaging from Bodyline. D:


Bodyline Fruit Parlor "Black x Pink"
Skirt: $65
Bag: $25

Proof pic

Skirt Waist: 75 cm ( 29.5 in ) Max
         Length: 55 cm ( 21 in )
         Side zip entry w/ clasp closure.

Tote Length: 33 - 43 cm ( 13-17 in )
         Height   27 - 33 cm ( 10.5-13 in )
         Width: 12 cm ( 4 in )

Bought brand new from the egl_sales comm.  Has only been worn once by previous owner. Has been tried on by me. Still in excellent condition. No visible flaws.

Bodyline 3 Buckle Heels "Enamel Pink"
Size: 26.0
Bought brand new from Bodyline's website. Worn multiple times and has the marks to prove it lol (see blemish pics).  Still in wearable condition.
*Note: missing middle detachable shoe bows (seen in prof pic).*

Tarina Tarantino Crystal Heart Necklace "Black x Silver"

Proof pic
Back pic
Detail pic

Chain: 17 inches, 3 inch extender
Pendent: 2 1/2 inches tall, 2 5/8 inches wide

Chain: Stainless steel
Pendent: Lucite
Crystals: Swarovski crystals

Bought a little over a year ago and worn may times over. The chain as dulled a bit from use and the back of the pendent shows signs of wear (seen in proof pic 2). Thoroughly checked to see that all the crystals are still there (seen in proof pic 3). The stainless steel chain WILL NOT RUST and overall the necklace is still in good wearable condition.


Gothic Top Hat "Black"


Size: Medium
US Hat Size: 7 - 7 1/8
Max. Inches: 22 1/4

Bought brand new from a store in the village, I originally paid $100 for this top hat. Sadly, I haven't worn it as much as I thought I would (honestly only once or twice). Still in very good condition with no tags.


Mini Top Hat w/ Card Suits

Stock pic
Worn pic 1
Worn pic 2

Height: 4 cm ( 2 in )
Width: 13 cm ( 5 in ) *Brim to brim*

I received this as a Christmas gift and have just never had anything to match it or any excuse to wear it. It's not really my style as I'm more sweet and this is more gothic. In great condition with no visible blemishes or signs of wear. Attaches to hair with 2 gator clips on the underside of the brim(see underside pic).

Offbrand Polka Dot Purse "Pink x White"

Side pic
Inside pic

Length: 25 cm ( 10 in )
Height: 10.5 cm ( 4 in )
Width: 9 cm ( 3.5 in )

Bought brand new from a street vendor. Has been worn a couple of times. May have some marks or blemishes. There is slight discoloration along the sides of the straps from wear.
Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand

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