Christine G.O. (dreamseerx) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Christine G.O.

WTB! Heart Flocky JSK or Snow Dot JSK/OP

*I will accept the best Offer given
*I live in California
*I will accept offers from International sellers, but will be inclined to those in the U.S. if the price + shipping is better

EGL Feedback: +2
Ebay Feedback:

Heart Flocky Ribbon JSK in PINK

I originally had this dress above but when I took it to the cleaners recently, they misplaced it. Now I am out a dress that I dearly loved! I'm looking to replace it with another in the pink colorway.

Snow Dot JSK or OP in Pink or Cherry Pink

I would love to purchase this dress in either the Light pink colorway or the Cherry Pink colorway. I would prefer the JSK, but I also really like the OP.

I'm not looking for anything that is brand spanking new, but instead a garment that needs a new, loving home. =)Thank you!

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