maroonsparrow (maroonsparrow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

New btssb black fur boots! Edit: Shipping Included!

**First person to leave paypal info gets the shoes/ best and fastest trade offer.
Link to feedback page: Here
**New only been worn 1 hour!
** Day after shipping! I will keep you updated regularly. Since I dont have any feedback yet I will email you a picture of me holding the mail receipt right after I have mailed it out.

These L (US size 7.5-8.5) btssb black fur boots are brand new I got them last Saturday wore them for one hour and then decided the fur didn't match anything in my wardrobe. I would like to get most of my money back and a little but if you have good feedback I might consider a trade.
**Shipping is included in the price.
It will be shipped in a box with bubble wrap.

L btssb Black Fur Boots $220 or trade

Ownership Proff:

There is one scuff that was on it when I got it :( but its small and would disappear with some polish.

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