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DS: MMM SK, Btssb SK, Btssb Shoes , Meta platforms

♣ Conditions: PLEASE READ *_* ! ♣

- Only bank transfer for EU
- I do accept Paypal, ( but if you want to pay by CC-Paypal I first want to have an evidence of your positive feedback! I had bad experience with CC –Payers… + 4,5% paypal fees )
- All payments must be made in Euro
- I do smoke and I have a cat , but all my clothes are stored away in garment bags.

If you want insurance you have to know, that the german tracking insurance f.e. to the US will cost you approximately 30 € additional!! I will not be held responsible for any lost or damage. I have never ever lost something in the mail, even if it took months to arrive. No refunds.

I'm selling on a "whoever can pay first" base, so absolutely NO HOLDS, sorry.
eglFeedback :

Thank you ^.^


Moi meme Moitie black velvet skirt

Condition: in good condition,but has stains from tea on it (please look at the details)
waist : max.68 cm
length : 60cm

Details and POO:

Stain: (brightened with flash and photo shop, to see it more clearly) :

Price: 100 € / 133 $

Shipping Germany: 3,90 € (without insurance)
Shipping Europe: 6, 90 € (without insurance)
Outside Europe: 10 € (without insurance)

Btssb ivory 2nd generation AATP Stained Glass/Seraphim Skirt

Price: SOLD


Btssb Ballerina black platforms

Condition: bought second hand, never worn by me
Size : LL (25cm- 25,5 cm ) / EUR 39
Height : 9 cm

Detail Pictures :


Price: 120 € / 160 $

Shipping Germany: 4,20 € (without insurance)
Shipping Europe: 8, 90 € (without insurance)
Outside Europe: 16€ (without insurance)

Metamorphose black ribbon platforms

Condition: once worn, still in good condition , has minor signs of wear (pleae look at the detail photos)
Size : LL (25cm- 25,5 cm ) / EUR 39
Height : 7,5 cm

Detail Pictures and POO:

Price: 100 € / 133 $

Shipping Germany: 6,90 € (without insurance)
Shipping Europe: 12, 90 € (without insurance)
Outside Europe: 16€ (without insurance)

Thanks for watching ^-^ <3

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