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DS or DT: 20% reductions! SWIMMER, corset, bodyline, shoes!

-I have a cat, dog, bunny, and gerbil. They're not allowed to lay on my clothes (...of course ^^;;), but if you're extremely allergic and want an item, let me know! We can arrange dry cleaning. I don't want anyone getting sick. :)
-Dibs goes to whoever posts their paypal address first! (Technically. However, if you posted first to ask some questions, I will consider you first in line. So don't worry~)
-For trading, anything dark sweet, gothic, or classic! I am specifically looking for a winter coat and BTSSB shoes in black size M. But please, show me anything and everything dark.
-If you're very interested in buying, I can provide specific photos upon request.
-I am of course willing to combine shipping.


Swimmer goldfish yukata + Obi + bow
Bought new and never used from the comm, but I never got a chance to wear it! So it's basically NWOT.
The yukata is made of cute printed cotton, and will fit a VERY wide range of sizes, since yukata are worn wrapped and folded and tucked!
$50 $40
Shipping in the US: $11
International: $22

Closeup of print

Steel boned green/gold brocade corset, size 22 (For a 24-26 inch waist) (Has a modesty panel.)
Worn once by me over a shirt. This is really, really pretty, but I own too many corsets already. >__< It's of a very nice quality, and would normally cost around $80-$100. (I ordered it in a wholesale group order.) Give it a loving home!
$40 $32
Shipping in the US: $11
International: $22

Closeup of brocade

Bodyline White babydoll top
Adorable and really well constructed! The cotton is of a very nice thickness, light enough to be floofy buy thick enough to be comfortably opaque. The inside bust is lined. Worn once and washed, but it's just not my style!
$10 $8
Shipping in the US: $6
International: $12

Black patent Carvela heels, Size 38 euro
I purchased these at Harrods of London for 100 pounds, but despite my enthusiasm at the time I simply never wear heels. T_T
$50 $40
Shipping in the US: $11
International: $22

Brown faux-leather victorian style boots, size 7.5 US
Worn a few times, again, I just don't wear heels. :) The actual color is darker than the photo.
$10 $8
Shipping in the US: $11
International: $22

Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, swimmer

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