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DS! and DT! Bodyline, Offbrand and at least 20% off old sales.


Information and Sales Terms
My feedback pages may be found here:
EGL Feedback Page
Personal Feedback Page
1. Payment by Paypal only! I will also do trades.
If you'd like to trade something for an item I have, please check out my Wishlist/WTB page to see if you have any items I might be interested in. Hopefully this page will make thing easier for a lot of people.

2. Prices include Shipping within the US, and paypal fees. I use USPS priority mail in most cases. I will usually ship items next day or even same day if I can. I will let you know what day I plan on shipping after payment, and will also let you know when the item has been shipped. =)

3. I will ship internationally. Please comment with your country so I can calculate shipping cost.

4. Tracking and Insurance are NOT included. If you would like these services please let me know so I can calculate the price.

5. I am not responsible for lost/stolen goods.

6. First to post papal address get priority. If payment is not received within 24 hours the item will go to the next person in line. Sorry, no holds!

7. Measurements are amateur at best. I try to get the most accurate measurements I can, but I am by no means a professional seamstress. Please +/- 2cms or so just so you have an idea of size range.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. ^_^

New Items

Bodyline Black and Pink Alice Print in size M -- SOLD

I bought this new from the site, but  when I tried it on the skirt was too long for my short frame. I would NOT recommend this for people 5'4 or shorter unless you want it to hit below your knees slightly. It'll fit a max 28inch waist as it has an elastic waist band. It might go a little bigger, but you'll be uncomfortable. Comes with the detachable bow and waist ties. This version is sold out on the Bodyline webpage.
Price: $25 shipped in the US

Hot Topics Black and Red plaid halter JSK -- SOLD

I've had this JSK for awhile but it's just not my style anymore. It's in very good condition without any flaws. The halter ties are also adjustable AND detachable. Bust is about 36 to 38in max depending on how you tie the neck ties. Waist is about 28in. I'm 5'4 and the skirt hits me right at the top of my knee. It's a very cute dress.
Price: $20 shipped in the US

Offbrand floral and mixed print jsk. SOLD
I love this JSK, but never wear it. I tried it on once and then it's just been sitting in my closet waiting. This JSK is in like new condition. It's sheered in the back so it should fit multiple sizes. Bust ranged from a 32in to 40in max. I wouldn't go above 40in at the bust. The dress has an empire waist so the waist is a free size. It also has adjustable shoulder straps.
Here is a close up of the different fabric patterns:

On my 5'4 frame the dress comes slightly below my knees with no petti, but with a poofy petti is comes to at knee length.
Price: $20 shipped in the US

Offbrand White OP -- SOLD
This is a cute and simple OP but is does have some condition issues. It made of a light cotton. It isn't see through and has a little lining underneath. It's a nice summer dress. This dress has an empire waist. It buttons and SNAPS closed. 
It fits a little loose on me. I measured it and it's aprox. "36inches" but please be aware this does fit a little loose on 36in busts. I use to just tie a ribbon under the bust line and it fixed that problem perfectly. I would not recommend this for under a 36in bust or over a 38in bust. Unless you plan on altering it it's not going to fit you nicely. =/
As for condition issues there are 2 minor stains. I have no idea what they are, and have tried getting them out but they seem to be there for good. I am not a laundry master though.

Stain on the back of the dress around the button hole. Nickel shown for size comparison.
Small stain on front of dress. Nickel again used for size comparison.
Price: $10  shipped in the U

Hello Kitty Bag with ipod speaker hookup

Super cute bag but I've never used it. Has a little build in speaker to hook your ipod (or any MP3 player/phone) up to. That little clear slot is where the ipod goes. It won't fall out because the pocket is inside the bag. The speaker is kinda meh, but it does work. The bag is 9in wide by 11in long.
Price: $15 shipped in the US.

Vintage Necklaces
Lovely vintage necklaces. I would like to keep them together but will sell them apart if need be. They are longer necklaces. About  12inches long with big chunky beads. They are NOT glass. I'm going to assume they're made of acrylic or a similar material, but don't quote me.
Price: 1 necklace for $10 or 2 for $15 shipped in the US

Older Sales -- 20% off or more has been added to these past sales which didn't sell. I just need this stuff gone.
*Note - lots of these items when I first posted them did not include shipping. I have included shipping in all but one
of the prices listed, and will list the items 1st posted cost (without shipping) so you can see how much I took off the original price.

Hot Topic platform shoes US size 6: Were 15 (w/o shipping) US now 10 US
These boots have velcro straps so you can tighten them/loosen them if need be.
*Warning shipping is NOT included with this item.* These boots are HEAVY. I'll probably have to ship them using USPS flat rate which is between 10 and 12 dollars for the shipping to even be reasonable. I would love to get these off my hands.
So make an offer please!


Offbrand Black Patent shoes size 6 US.  -- Pending
Some minor scuffs on the toes and ware on the inside of the shoe.
Were 10 without shipping now 10 Including shipping in the US. (So about 5 bucks for the shoes themselves)

Blue Bodyline Shoes size 230 or US size 6 1/2 to 7. -- SOLD
I'm a US 6 and these are a little loose. They're wearable, but not perfect. Would better fit a 6 1/2.  I only wore these shoes once. They just aren't my color.
Was originally asking 18 US w/o shipping, asking 15 shipped within the US.

Offbrand Booties US size 6: SOLD
I paid a lot for these. Over 100 bucks a lot. I just never wear them. They're in really great condition and have a unique heal. 
Was asking 25 for these w/o shipping (actually a little more if I remember right.) but I will take 15 shipped in the US.

Offbrand black shoes us size 6:
Don't like the way these look on me. Have a few scuffs on the toe but it's not noticeable.
Originally wanted 10 w/o shipping but will now  take 10 shipping included. (So about 5 bucks for the shoes)

Offbrand red patent kitten-healed shoes. US size 6:
Like new condition. Worn only a few times. They just aren't my style.
Originally asking 10 w/o shipping, Now $10 shipped within the US. (So about 5 dollars for the shoes)

Thanks for looking! And remember, I will do trades! Please check out my Wishlist/WTB page to see what I'm currently interested in. I will trade multiple items for one item I really want.

PS. I'm going to filter/hide posts so things aren't so nutty and a little more organized. Mostly one with paypal info as I just like to keep those private to protect people. ^_^' Just wanted to let people know.

All items which were purchased and PAID for on 9-21-10 have been mailed out today (9-22-10 at 11:25am). If you need a copy of the receipt to show proof of mailing please let me know and I'll take a picture of it and send it to you. ^_^ Items should reach you all in 5-7 days if not a little sooner depending on which state you live in.

Update: 9-23-10
All items which were purchased and paid for on 9-22-10 have been mailed out today (9-23-10 at 4:45pm). If you need a copy of the receipt to show proof of mailing please let me know and I'll take a photo of it.  Items should reach you in 5-7 days in not sooner depending on which state you live in.

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