chox64 (chox64) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS btssb hair bow, h.naoto shirt, offbrand socks, G&L Bible and Kera Magazine

Im selling a few things from my closet
Feedback is
All prices include shipping
I only accept paypal
Priority goes to who can pay first
If you would like any additional photos just ask and I'll try and take one as soon as I can.

1. Btssb Headbow: $45

The lace is beautiful but I just dont wear hair bows anymore and it is just sitting in my closet and I would rather let someone else make more use of it.

2. H.naoto shirt: $95

I know its not very sweet or classic lolita but for someone who is maybe doing gothic or punk maybe this shirt would be perfect for that

3. Off brand socks: $10

Cute pink crown socks I bought for my friend but she doesnt want them now and I do wear any pink. They havent been worn and would be great with any sweet lolita dress

4. Gothic & Lolita Bible $13

The magazine comes with the patterns i took them out of the book but they are still unused and in good condition

5. Kera Magazines $5 (each) 

Thank you for looking
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