Jenny (windprinzessin7) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Btssb Jsk, AatP Jsk, MILK jewelry

I want to sell these two things, because I don't really wear them (anymore).
I'm in Germany and I have a paypal account.
Shipping is not included and depends on how you want it to be shipped.

Baby the stars shine bright- Tartan Princess JSK       120€
worn a few times, but in good condition, of course.

and my picture:

Alice and the Pirates- Marine rose Jsk  130 €
worn a few times, but in good condition.

My picture:

And a beautiful MILK chain. I got it for christmas, but I don't wear it,  this is very sad, because it's so pretty. 20€

If you have any questions feel free to ask :D

My feedback: (still empty :( )
Tags: alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, milk

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