sevalprincess (sevalprincess) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS or DT: TUK Pink Gingham Cat Shoes SOLD!

Hi there, fits off here is my feedback link!

I am looking to sell of trade a pair of TUK Pink Gingham Cat shoes. Theya re really cute, just NOT MY SIZE! They are a US Size 8, but fit my aunt who wears a USA 9. They have never been worn before and are band new!

This is a top view of them, as you can see they are very cute Mary Jane type shoes, a thick pink strap over the top. And they have a cat face on the front.

This is a better view of the faces, they have little pink noses and stitch whiskers.

As you can see here they also have a tail that comes out of the back and around the side.

And one of my favorite parts is the bottom of the shoe, its got bones! I just love that.

As said they are for sale or trade.
I'll consider pretty much anything for a trade, I love sweet stuff the most though!
As for sales, I honestly don't know what to ask for them. they were a present in the wrong size and have never been worn.
Tags: !ds, !dt

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