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DS: Meta and BTSSB Clothing


-I accept Paypal only
-I live in the US but am willing to ship internationally
-Shipping is not included in the price, please leave your zip code or country and I will get back with the cost.
-Insurance is available upon request, if you do not request insurance I am not to be held responsible for any missing or damaged packages.
-I have feedback here
-If you find the prices too high, feel free to make an offer

A Quick Explanation of why these are unused: I've been planning to lose weight for years, sometimes I've been successful, other times I crashed and burned. Still, I liked the clothes enough to buy, hoping they would be inspiration. Others, the website sizing was wrong and I just never got around to altering them. Then, my mother fell very ill and my priorities changed. I'm no longer holding on to items for "someday" and so decided to sell them here.

Metamorphose Bathing Suit
This was one of those "Meta doesn't know how to use the conversion system" items (wrong measurements on site). It is a Japanese size 11. Tried the top on when I first received it for a bit of a laugh. If that bothers you, I can cut the tags and hand wash it before I ship.
Price: $60

BTSSB Shirred Dress
Worn once for about 10 minutes. Sadly, I did not know the proper way of sitting down in a dress and jumped into my seat, pulling the fabric under me and the elastic in one should strap snapped. It's not noticeable when the dress is worn and could easily be fixed by a seamstress
Price: $75

Metamorphose Bunny/Bear Camouflage Print Skirt
Brand new, Waist measures 28"
Price: $60

Metamorphose Bunny/Bear Camouflage Tie
Worn a few times, will hand wash before I ship
Price: $15

Metamorphose Berry Print Yukata


There is a small flaw in the sewing on the inside of the waist band that was there when I received it from Meta. However, due to the fact that it was a reserve item, I did not wish to send it back.


I'm asking for offers of at least $100.
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