Karly (amakago) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Urgent DS: Handmade skirt, offbrand socks, bodyline socks/glasses, offbrand items

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Handmade skirt w/headdress and bow [x]
Waist Over 45" (Fully elastic and very stretchy)
Condition: Worn once
Price: $20

RTBU Black Petticoat
Elastic Waist 26"-38"
Condition: Worn a few times, but in perfect condition
Price: $25

Cute Plush "Let go" Top XL
Bust 40"-42", Waist 33"-35"
Condition: Was worn once for 20 minutes and magically got small stains on the armpits (>_>). Hopefully they can come out
Price: $22 $20 $18

Bodyline Heart Glasses
Price: $5

Offbrand PinkxWhite socks (Lightly used and has slight dirty marks) = $5
Bodyline Blue Socks (Lightly used and has slight dirty marks) = $5
Offbrand Strawberry socks (Never worn) = $7

Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, offbrand

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