Null (vomitrocity) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Red Patent Leather (or Vinyl) Purse

• 100% Positive Feedback:

• I am looking for the perfect purse for my Starry Night Theater coordinate I am putting together.
• Offbrand is perfectly OK, as long as it isn't a replica.

• Patent Leather is preferred, but synthetics are acceptable to offer.
• A shoulder strap is preferred, but again, I will look at all styles.
• Metal accents should be gold, if any at all.
• Patent/Vinyl pink or gold will be looked at as well as a last resort, but red is preferred.

• Payment will be via PayPal. I will not pay seller's fees, because that is against PayPal's ToS.
• I won't need to have the purse in my possession until mid-November.

Show me what you've got and name a price!
Thank you very much!

Here are some style inspiration images:

I don't really like the BtSSB heart shaped purses with the metal handles.

Novelty purses like this would be great if it was something like a white rabbit:

Really, if it's shiny and will match, show me!
Dress/socks/headbow: pink.
Shoes/bolero: red.
Tags: !wtb

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