Courtney (starlyss) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Looking for SS for BtSSB San Francisco Lucky Pack!

I know that there are lots of others looking also, but I've had no luck using Google to find a regular SS (all are already taken). I'm looking to get the Antoinette Gobelin JSK Lucky Pack. This would be perfect for someone looking for the boots only, because I'm only interested in the JSK since the boots aren't available in size S ;_; (I specifically want the black JSK /pray)

I can pay via Paypal, but it will have to be by credit card as I'm waiting for my first paycheck from my new job. Alternatively, I can send a deposit via Personal Payment and sent the rest on pay day, either works for me.

Any SS fees and Paypal fees are fine. Shipping will be to Canada :)

Feedback is here on EGLFeedback.

Thanks for your help~!
Tags: !ss, !wtb

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