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DS: socks! (ankle, knee high, otk)

here's my feedback page:

Price does not include shipping
European buyers prefered but I do ship worldwide, please ask for a quote :)
I'm selling 3 pairs of socks now (one has been sold here the other one through a forum )

^____^ thank you so much!

Onto the sales!

1. btssb macarons knee high in black

my very first pair of brand socks. :)
state: I worn them a few times, so the brand name under one foot has totally disappeared , it's still visible on the other one though, appart from that they are in perfect state, no pilling or flaws of any kind!
Price: 10 euros

2. btssb Usakumya/Gloomy knee high white

Cute socks, this came out as limited edition collaboration between Gloomy bear and Baby the stars shine bright,
state: hey are in good condition, but the heel has some darker traces I didn't try to remove yet.
I think this is due to the contact with my shoes, I can try to wash them if you want, but keep in mind that, well they are white so it's always hard to keep it totally flawless.
Price: Make me an offer

3. offbrand otk apple socks in cream SOLD to kittykittan 

4.secret shop poodle knee high (perfect with royal poodle <3)

they're supposed to be knee high but if you have short legs like me, since the material is quite stretchy it can go a little over the knee ^_^
state: worn once, but my shoes left a few traces under it appart from that there are no flaws.
Price: 5 euros

5. black crochet ankle socks SOLD

Thanks a lot for your time!
Have a nice day!
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