silverstar101 (silverstar101) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

OFFERING SS for SF Lucky Packs & WTB lavender, black, or cream items

Location: California, USA
Payment Method:
Paypal only please.
Feedback: Ebay EGL

Bust : 36 in
Waist : 29 - 30 in
Height : 5'4"

Some dresses that I am looking for are :
* AP's Lovely Heart(?) in Black
* MEW's Strawberry Cream in any colour way except black
* BTSSB's Embroidered Pocket in any colour way except brown
* Rose Melody Alices Fairytale in Lavender
* BTSSB's Princess Scallop in Cream? Vanilla? Ivory?
* AP's Tiara Rose Tiered in Lavender


They don't have to be the dresses mentioned, but you get the gist of my taste. Empire waists do not look good on me at all so please do not offer those >_<

I do not have feedback as a shopping service, but I do have feedback as a buyer and seller.
At this time, I am able to purchase THREE packs. Once I get confirmation, I can get FIVE total. My group and I are four hours away, but I thought to include that since I am not a local in the bay area. If you are a local, I can meet up with you in Japantown or something--if you are not a local, please let me know the address I can send the pack to :]

As for a service fee, I am not entirely sure as to what to charge since this is my first time and have a limited amount of slots. But please, tell me all the details needed for me to get a lucky pack, especially if you are purchasing the $150 pack that comes with boots (shoe size please). I have messaged all of you with updates and status on slots! As of now, my three slots are full. I will update again if I am able to get a bigger group within the next few days. Thanks everyone!

Tags: !ss, !wtb

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