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Urgent !DS (First of Two) Bodyline Skirt Replica, and off brand blouse/leggings

Payment and Shipping:
  • My feed back is here ( I obviously don't have much but everyone has to start somewhere :[ )
  • There is a 4% paypal fee but it can be avoided if you send me the money as a gift. I will send you an email or a LJ private message stating when I have shipped in order for you to have it for your records.
  • Shipping that is provided next to the cost of the item is priority mail shipping (without tracking, can add for an addition 70 cents). If you would like for me to do a cheaper method please let me know.
  • Prices are negotiable, I just really need it gone.
  • The teddy bear is my proof :)
  • I can do international shipping

Bodyline: Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor Skirt Replica BNWT [Black x Pink Colorway]   SOLD
40 USD + 11 for in country shipping
Waist:24 inches to 28 inches at the absolute max
Skirt Length: 20.5 inches

Stock Photos

Proof photos

Never worn however the buttons were ridiculously loose when it arrived so they were resewn to the skirt by hand.It is a super cute skirt with glitter detailing on the print as well as black heart buttons that hold the waist ties.

New York & Company: Burgundy Ruffle Blouse
Brand new without tags
$20 15 USD + 5 USD for shipping within country

Bust: 42"
Waist: 34"
It has only been worn in order to try it on. The measurements come from the NY&C website however the fabric is extremely stretchy and forgiving. My bust was probably closer to 45/46" when I originally bought this and it looked fine. Would look great with a classical, aristocratic, or pirate style.

Distressed Punk Khaki Capri Leggings
BNWT and still in its shrink wrap.
7 USD + 5 USD in country shipping

Photos from store I bought them from

I bought them recently but in the end decided I didn't care too much for the color. I have them in black as well and they are quite cute and would look nice with a punk outfit.
A second DS post is coming soon with old Anna House designs and a 2005 Velveteen Princess Pinafore Dress from Metamorphose in never worn condition!

Tags: !ds, *plus size, bodyline, fanplusfriend, offbrand

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