www.ladylikewigs.com (ladyxlike) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS Betsey Johnson Pearl Bracelet, Rose Melody Jsk, Cyperous & Punk Wigs WTB Moitie Lace Pattern Jsk

Shipping is 3.85 in the states and please ask otherwise.

Pearl Ski Bunny Bracelet, paid $55 and never wore it, so I'd like to get that if I can :)


Paid 6900 yen + shipping so I'd like $100 even.


Will fit a 32-33 chest, 24-27 waist. Please note that the organza overlay on the underskirt was removed because it arrived frayed. It doesn't effect the beautiful look of the dress. Has been worn 2x.


This is actually two wigs combined, a dark reddish pink one and an auburn/cherry red one, with added streaks of hot pink. It's super full and has never been worn.


Dark blue with streaks of aqua and teal allover.


ALSO I really want to buy this Jsk in Black or Dark Purple {idk if it came in any other colorways} please let me know if you have it and how much you'd like! {If this is your photo, I hope you don't mind I used it!}

Tags: !ds, !wtb

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