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!DS Bodyline Dress, Pannier, Headband, Offbrand

♡ Paypal only please.
Feedback (not much there!)

♡ BODYLINE DRESS p036. [BRAND NEW with tags] $45.00
-Comes with the necktie.
-Heavy fabric and layered with detailing on the back too. Fit for a vampiress ^^.
-I have the red plaid version no longer sold.
Standard Medium Size. According to the Bodyline site:
Length 87cm
Sleeve length 25cm
Shoulder length 33cm
Bust 95cm
Waist 71-82cm

♡ BODYLINE Pannier $10.00 New with tag
-Black version
Length: 40 cm
Waist: 50-90 cm

♡ Bodyline Headband New, without tags. No blemishes. $10.00

♡ Offbrand Red Coat $20.00
Size Small, 3/4 sleeve
Worn a couple times but great condition.

♡ White Elegant Blouse $8.00
-Soft cotton and lace, Size Small

♡ Black Beaded Vintage Necklace $10.00

♡ Keys Necklace $8.00
Four intricate keys on a long chain.

♡ Red Vintage Earrings $7.00

♡ Crystal Heart Keychain *NEW in bag* $5.00

Crystal Bunny Earrings *New* $7.00 from Korea (2 to sell)

Crystal Heart Earrings *New* $7.00 (2 to sell)

Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand

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