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DS: Real human har clip extensions and black offbrand blouse

Hi everyone! I´m selling my real hair clip extensions. There some long parts. They´re around 60cm long.
There is:

1x extension with 4 clips around 20cm wide and 60cm long

2x extensions with 3 clips around 15cm wide and 60cm long

2x extensions with 2 clips around 10cm wide and 60cm long

2x extensions with 1 clip around 5cm wide and 60cm long

1x fringe with 2 clips in a typical Hime cut

I never curl, flat or dyed them so they are in an excellent condition.

The color is a little bit lighter as on the photo something like hazel.

There is also a photo how they look worn. Again, they´re lighter as it seems on the photo. But of coure you could also dye the in your haircolor. And please NOTICE they finge isn´t that short like on th photo... it´s just looking like that 'cause I´m lying on the ground.

The fringe coast 40€ when I bought it.
So I would love to have 20€ + shipping

The extensions coast me 90€
So I would love to have 60€ + shipping

Before I post them on this community I let them have a cleaning at the baber. I never had any lice or so.

I also sell my BLACK offbrand blouse. I nerver worn it. I bought it for 56USD + shipping!
I would love to have 25€ + shipping!

Chest Waist Shoulder
84-92cm 68-76cm 33-35cm

At the moment J can just give you a stockphoto, I´m sorry, yesterday, when I made the photos of my extensions, my camera broke:( But I´ll try to get one of a friend of mine, so I can make some photos! Please NOTICE, the blouse is black!

Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/535472.html

Thanks for looking!

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