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DS: BIG Emily Temple cute SALE

Hi girls!

I'm changing my style a little bit so i'm making a cleaning of my closet.

♥ Everything has been handwashed with lots of care and love.

♥ I have a cat, watch out for allergies!

♥ I only accept paypal.

♥ I only ship on saturday.

♥ I'm from Mexico but I always ship from USA (that's why I can only go one time at week)

♥ I give the item to the person who can pay the faster.

♥ My feedback: My feedback:

(nothing yet but you can check my ebay feedback here: )

♥ If you think the price is too high, make an offer!

♥ International shipping is extra, please ask!

1. Emily Temple cute Grey Jumper

Beautiful and versatile jumper. Ballon skirt shape, with pockets, the upper part is removable with buttons.
Perfect condition, lined.

Lenght: 87cm
Low waist: 79cm aprox. No shirring, this skirt is meant to be worn on the lower waist.

Price: SOLD

2. Emily Temple cute Alice Trump skirt

Gorgeous print in a heavy fabric, perfect for autumn and winter. Some spangles are broken but is not noticiable at all. It has two yellow stains, one in the print and a tiny spot on the letters, both aren't noticiable when worn. Aside that, very good condition. This is also a print very hard to get.

Lenght: 57cm
Waist: 65cm min, 75cm max

Price: SOLD

3. Emily Temple cute Ruffles burgundy skirt

photos from my poupee because the skirt wasn't dry yet ;)

Very casual and unique skirt. I love it but I prefer it in black. The condition is very good, but it has a hole on the front part, because this skirt is pleated, the hole "hides" down the fabric. The skirt is lined and has pockets.

Lenght: 42.5cm
Low Waist: 75cm. No shirring, this skirt is meant to be worn on the lower waist.

Price: SOLD

4. Emily Temple cute pink velvet skirt

Casual and girly skirt. Very good condition, the velvet isn't as "vibrant" as before, but still a good piece for your everyday look. Lined.

Lenght: 46cm
Waist: 66cm waist max, no shirring.

Price: $20USD + $5USD shipping within USA

5. Emily Temple cute ribbon cutsew

I bought this cutsew years ago, they make it every year but i think they didn't remake it this year.
Very good condition, the fabric has a "shiny" effect but very subtle. It has a tiny spot near the ribbon and one on the back of the arm, this last one was there when I bought it and it was new from the store. A must have :D

Lenght: 55cm
Bust: 82cm but the fabric has stretch.

Price: SOLD

6. Emily Temple cute Embroidery cute cutsew

A basic cutsew that goes with lots of things. Silver embroidery of a crown and with the word "cute". There is some discoloration on the armpits but nothing too bad. Aside from that, very good condition. Lace detail.

Lenght: 52cm
Bust: 80cm but the fabric has stretch.

Price: $15USD + $4USD shipping within USA PAYMENT PENDING

7. Emily Temple cute Mint cutsew

Lovely mint cutsew, used a couple of times only. Very good quality fabric, and lace on the front. Very good condition.

Lenght: 51cm
Bust: 80cm but the fabric has stretch.

Price: SOLD

8. Jane Marple mint cutsew

A classic cutsew from JM. Good condition.

Lenght: 53cm
Bust: 80cm but the fabric has stretch.

Price: $15USD + $4USD shipping within USA

9. Shirley Temple 160 pink cardigan

Lovely and versatile cardigan, it has silver thread details. Very good condition, I recommend it for petite people.

Lenght: 41cm
Bust: 72cm but the fabric has stretch or you can use it open too.

Price: $40USD + $4USD shipping within USA

10. Emily Temple cute Knit ribbon bolero

Unique and cute bolero. The color is cream and the bow is removable. Very good condition.

Lenght: 40cm
Sleeve lenght: 68cm
Bust: 83cm but the fabric has stretch.

Price: SOLD

11. Beth Victorian Maiden pink stripe parka

This is perfect for school, vacations, go out... everything :)
I used this a lot of times, and it has a few spots but nothing very noticiable. The only big problem about it, it's that my cat played with the ribbon and left it damange it. Aside from that, no pilling, no holes, the fabric quality is very very good actually.

Lenght: 34cm
Sleeve lenght: 57cm
Bust: 86cm but the fabric has stretch.

Price: SOLD

12. Emily Temple cute Ribbon Bag

Bought a few years ago on, very big bag with polka dot lining. It has a couple of spots on the front of the bag, but they aren't noticiable when used.

Width: 37cm
Height: 22.5
Side: 8.5cm
Strap height: 18cm

Price: SOLD

13. Emily Temple cute Dress totebag

Lovely and unique totebag with a dress aplique, lined with polka dot fabric, leather straps (which show some use on the "hairy side"). Aside from that, very good condition.

Width: 28.5cm
Height: 37cm
Side: 10cm
Strap height: 22cm

Price: SOLD

14. Emily Temple cute Hardribbon broach

Very popular and classic ribbon, decorated with pink rhinestones. Excellent condition.

Width: 7cm
Height: 3.5cm

Price: $25USD + $3USD shipping within USA

If you have any doubts or need more photos, please ask me :)

Thank you.

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