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DS/DT: AP Lucky pack Print OP socks + headbow, Fruity cafe OP, BTSSB blouse, cutsew

 I accept paypal only.
Measurements are not exact! O__O
All prices in euros
I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages. 
My feedback page is here

AP Lucky pack original print OP with socks and headbow

Not including bag or wristcuffs!!

Proof of ownership OP
Proof of ownership socks and headbow

Length: 35 inch
Bust 31-40 inch
Waist: 25 - 33 inch

Never used.

170 euros for set + shipping

Shipping in Germany: 6.10
Europe: 10.60
Worldwide: 16

For tracking + 2 euros 


Angelic Pretty Fruity Cafe OP
Proof of ownership

Never used.
I love this dress but it's a bit too small for me :( 
Bust: 33 inch (may be able to stretch slightly further, has shirring on the back)
Waist: 28 inch

190 euros. + shipping

Shipping in Germany: 6.10
Europe: 10.60
Worldwide: 16

+ 2 for tracking

Accepting trade offers on this, but only Angelic Pretty dresses in Lavender, Mint, Sax or Pink. ^^
BTSSB blouse

Bust: 40 inch max
Waist: 31 inch max
Sleeve length: 27 inches

Used once or twice, good condition.
60 euros + shipping

Shipping in Germany: 5
Europe: 9
Worldwide: 15

For tracking + 2 euros

Traded with noircatt 

BTSSB cutsew

Bust: 38 inch
Waist: 36 inch

Never used.
30 euros

Shipping in Germany: 5
Europe: 7
Worldwide: 12

For tracking + 2 

Also I am interested in trading this Angelic Pretty dress:

Proof of ownership

I ordered the pink one using celga, but recieved it in red a couple of days ago T___T

I'm only interested in trading this for another AP dress. 
 Ideally I'd like the pink version, or sax ..but not too likely I'll find it :(
Anyways, I like Pink, Sax, Lavender and Mint. ^^
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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