noname (aikazi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Urgent WTB: Pink/Black TeaParty Flats (US only please)


♬ I am located in USA 37130. ♬

♬ Please tell me how much you want and where you are located!!!!!!!! ♬

♬ I need the shoes in size 8 -- or 24.5 -- or L and I need them FAST. I mean like, ship it out priority next day with delivery confirmation fast. If you are a slow shipper, don't post! I have 6 days to get these to my house! ♬

I'm looking for some pink and possibly some black flats -- I have a very long convention ahead of me -- and I need some comfortable shoes to walk in. Flats work better for me -- since I'll be standing about 12 hours manning a booth.

I wish I would have thought about this sooner, but time is definitely an issue here -- so I need US only people this round, sorry!

Please post what you have + pictures + shipping information.

I'd like to get priority with delivery confirmation -- The closer you are to TN, the better it is for me! so please let me know!

I can pay ASAP by paypal balance!

Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, angelic pretty, anna house, offbrand, secret shop

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