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Ds! Fabric Reduction, AP Cutsew, Alice Apron, Altered ITS Skirt UPDATE+One more fabric added

 -I Ship from New York 
-All prices in USD 
-I prefer to ship within the US but I can do international [please note it is often very expensive to ship from the US and I can only ship on weekends] 
-I am not particularly interested in trades at this time but I will look [I am picky] 
-Most Items do not include shipping unless stated otherwise [please leave zipcode for a shipping quote] 
-My shipping my default will be first class [unless weight doesn't allow and I will use Priority]  
-I take Paypal and buyer is responsible for fees 
-I am a student and go to school so  I will try to ship withn two days of payment domestically but if it's international I'll have to ship on the weekend 
-First to get the item is the first to leave their pp email 
-I reserve the right to take highest offers 
-Feedback is here 
-Any questions don't hesitate to ask =) 
-I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages  

AP Crown Cutsew with Removable Collar
Without Collar  Collar Alone
Price: $32 Shipped within US OBO
Description: A cute cutsew from AP with a removable  collar and a cute crown embroidery.  I purchased it used in Japan, and although it's an older piece it really looks practically new.  There are no rips or stains and the lace is still very white.  It's great for casual coords and can be worn with or without the collar for different looks.  The collar can also be worn with other pieces to lolify other things, like cardigans or plainer cutsews.  I'm selling this because I have a long torso and it's a little short on me. [Also the ribbon in the pic is part of the collar, I'm unsure of the reason behind it.]

Altered ITS Clothing Print Skirt
Price: $17
Measurements: Made for 25" waist.  I'd say it fits a 24.5"-28" waist best [it can stretch more but may not fit as well]
Description: I purchased this skirt off the sales comm last year.  Because it was a fix waist skirt and too big  for me, I've altered it to be a half elastic waistband skirt.  It is in great condition; it didn't show any signs of wear when purchased and I've only tried it on.  It was made from Japanese fabric [and I think it may be slightly similar to an ETC or Shirley Temple print but I'm not 100% sure] with cotton lace at the bottom.  The waist band color is a very close pink [the closest I could find] and matches very well and the bottom ruffle fabric does match the top [my camera was acting odd...]

Handmade Alice Apron SOLD
Price: $5 This is reposted from July because of a nonpaying buyer.
Measurements: pretty free sized
Description: Purchased off the sales comm a while ago.  It's handmade but not by a professional seamstress so there are some imperfections.  There are some slight discolorations on the straps.  I haven't tried to get these out yet so they maybe can be removed. 

Circus At Night Fabric SOLD
Price: $5.50
Measurements: 23.5 x whole width [about 44"]
Description: Cute Japanese border print fabric featuring a cute night circus scene. It's made by Cosmo Textiles and is great quality.  There are 4 complete sections of print, so it would be great as a bottom ruffle of a skirt or it could be made int a bunch of cute accessories. 

 Dots Fabric SOLD
Price: $6 $4.50
Measurements: 33.5" x whole width [about 44"]
Description: Nice blue Japanese fabric with a sweet pink dot pattern.  I am pretty sure that it's twill.  It may be just enough to squeak out an overskirt or it can make a whole bunch of cute accessories.

I still have some cute handmade bows here
Thanks for looking and remember I'm always open to offers!

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