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Lots of cheap luckypack brand - AatP, Meta and Baby

Feedback (+33)
First to confirm and leave paypal address gets it
Please don’t enquire unless you’re actually interested
Shipping prices are for standard airmail. Please enquire if you want signed for or e-sure.
Feel free to haggle or trade.

Desperately want to buy this dress in this design and colourway please! let me know if you have it!


NWOT Alice and the Pirates tee-shirt £21GBP/$32USD OBO (RRP around Y7,000)

(Apologies for the bad photos!) Never worn or even tried on.

Shipping £5 EU/£8 International

NWT Alice and the Pirates Rose Marine skirt and headdress £61/$94 OBO (RRP Y16,590/£128/$198USD for just the skirt)

Tag and original price:

This skirt has a built in petticoat.
Max Waist: 27inches/ 68cm
Length-23 inches/58 cm
Headdress is chiffon with an AatP charm (RRP around Y4,000/£30/$48)

I will only split the set if I have buyers for each (£50 skirt £11 headdress)
Never worn or even tried on

Shipping £7 EU/ £15 International

NWOT Metamorphose heart bustier/top £21/$32 OBO (I don’t know what the original price of this was but I’m guessing around Y7k+)

Back is really cute!

Shipping £5 EU/£8 International

NWOT Btssb socks £16/$24 OBO

Shipping £3 EU/£5 international

NWOT Btssb petticoat £17/$26 OBO

Very light poof for layering or ETC/Milk dresses

Shipping £6 EU/£12 international

NWT Metamorphose luckypack skirt £36/$65.60 OBO

Half shirred

Shipping £7 EU/ £15 International

NWOT Metamorphose swan necklace £16/$24 OBO

Shipping £3 EU/£5 international

NWT Metamorphose plastic bow bracelet £16/$24 OBO

Shipping £3 EU/£5 international

Finally, my housemate wanted to sell her sax wonder cookie skirt so I'm just mentioning it here in case anyone is interested while I wait for her to take a photo. It's only been worn twice and she wants around 3120 for it. Sax was the most popular colourway in Japan because of the Alice in Wonderland connotations and sold out at reserve.
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose

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