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DS/DT: AP strawberry jsk (20% off repost), AP Milky Berry OP

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Payment: Paypal
Feedback: "jolarocknrolla" on ebay
buying/selling feedback on DOA, on LJ ... and now EGL Feedback

AP strawberry pink dress $175 shipped in the usa (outside of the usa add $25 for shipping) WILLING TO TAKE OFFERS!

BtSSB mary had a little lamb skirt and headbow (elastic waist, 40" stretched to max) $148 + shipping

BtSSB red/white Very Berry Sweet Pie skirt (elastic waist, 40" max waist), includes spare bow (you can pin ont yor skirt or use as a hair decoration like i did in this photo). $138 + shipping

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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