soweatherish (soweatherish) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Navy, Burgundy & Black OP's/JSKs/Skirts, teaparties & more!

 I don't have a HUGE budget, so for me , the max for a dress is 170$/140€, unless you have something uberawesome(preferably including shipping)  
Feedback can be found here:
My sizes are: Bust:34/35" [ 88-90cm ], waist: 28" [69-71cm] length: 5"6 1/2 [169cm]

European sellers preferred, because of TAXES. Arrr. I'm happy to look into american or offers from around the world, but I have to pay tax over anything from outside the EU marked over 22 euros. I would like tracked shipping if from the us, but I'll have to ask you to mark the value of the package down to 25$. I will be responsible for this. ^_^

I'm looking for dresses and skirts with or without print in the colors navy, burgundy and black.
Brand, offbrand, I don't really care. Please take my measurements (as given above) into account! :)
[I do have a weak spot for the princess drop jsk by btssb :) ) 
[skyblue_pink, on the photo, looking stunning!] 
was brought to my attention lately by the glasgow meetup photos, it is by dear celine and I want it ! XD

Also, I'm looking for this BABY jsk, the sweet check, preferably in black

- Also, I'm looking for accessories, bows, headbands, bags, necklaces, show me what you got! (this can also be pink or bright colors, no sax blue please! [ I LOVE CREAM/antique white!])

- And last but not least, TEAPARTIES! :D (i'm fine with either an*tai*na, or secret shop] 
I have 24.0 size feet. 38 in european shoes, UK 5, US I'm not very sure, but I have size 5,5 in my converse all stars XD
I am not really sure which size I have then, since teaparties are 23,5 and 24,5. Any advice would be helpful! :D
I'm looking into any color, because I'm rebuilding my wardrobe, at the moment I have a lot of bright colors, but I want some darker ones for the winter!

So, yeah, show me what you have! I'll consider everything! :]
Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, dear celine, secret shop

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