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DT! DS! REPOST WITH MOD PERMISSION: Dear Celine, Bodyline replicas, Hand-made Acessories!!!

With permission of Moderator oh_tralala I am reposting my sales.
Please, only serious buyers.

  • I ship from California, USA
  • Prices are in USD
  • I accept Paypal, Western Union (only for purchases totaling over 20 USD) Money Order (only for purchases totaling over 20 USD) and Concealed Cash (however I am not liable for any lost money in the mail send at your own discretion)
  • Shipping will vary please comment to ask. Generally international shipping will cost more.
  • Once items shipped, I will upload images of the receipt as proof of shipping. Request for Tracking is possible
  • However, I am not responsible for lost of damaged items, if tracking is not requested.
  • Feedback community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/731047.html
I will be able to ship as early as Monday September 13, 2010. So if you happen to pay me right before Monday, I can ship your items as early as next Monday.

This will be proof that I currently own these items


Dear Celine OP (TRADED!)
I forgot the actual name for this OP but it was released about a year ago and was ordered though
qcute This was the OP that made me love the color lavender, but I feel that I am not satisfied wearing this OP anymore, despite the memories, I've had with it, so I hope to pass it on to someone who will love it as much as I have.

I paid a about 120 USD for this OP but I would like 90USD OBO plus shipping
It is a size L which should fit comfortably for a bust between 34-36. There are also waist ties in the back a detachable bow and the back of the JSK can be lifted for a more bustle skirt look.

There is a slight yellowing of the fabric as shown in the image below (on the left), but it is barely noticeable. In addition, this dress was lightly hand washed but in good condition!

Below, you can see the back of the skirt raised for a more bustle look. They are held together with buttons shown below, as well.

Net Buttoned Top

I bought this from another person in the comms, but sadly it did not fit me.

Chest size is 14" flat, and it is 15" long. Never worn. In mint condition
I am selling this for 10 dollars plus shipping

Sax Knit Cardigan
This cardigan was also bought off the comms. It's been worn a hand full of times. It appears that the pevious owner probably sewed on the two bows on the collar, and there is a small velvet-like ribbon under one of the bows, not both. It can either be kept or easily removed. Other than that it's in good condition.

Chest is about 16" flat and it is 22" long. Overall this cardigan is really stretchy
I am selling this for 10 dollars plus shipping.

Sax Cutsew SOLD
This was given to me a while back but I don't wear this as much anymore, and it's best to let it go and make room for items I do wear more often. It's in great condition, worn a few times.

The chest is about 13" but stretches to about 19" flat. My chest is not small, and it fits me just fine! it is about 19 inches long. This top is super stretchy, but very comfortable.
I am selling this for about 10 USD plus shipping

Bodyline- Innocent World Replica Skirt
This was purchased a looooong time ago. I love this skirt but It fits a bit too tight on me. At first I wouldn't mind it but after a while it would get to me, and as much as I love this skirt I have to let it go.  Sorry for all the wrinkles, I had just washed it to make available for purchase.
It's been lightly washed and worn several times. Sorry for all the wrinkles, I had just washed it to make it available for purchase, however there are some light stains on the skirt but it is barely noticeable at all. I couldn't even find it after I washed it...  It comes with a built in petticoat and the overall skirt is in good condition.

I am selling this for 30 USD OBO plus shipping

Bodyline- Meta Note replica (does not come with the detachable bow)
I also love this skirt very much, but I feel it has ran it's course in my closet. So i'm passing this on to someone who would use it more.
Sadly I had loaned this skirt to a friend and the little straps on the inside have been cut and tied. It shouldn't really matter since it is on the inside of the skirt There is also some piling of thread due to poking the detachable bow in the middle It has been lightly washed to make available for purchase.  It also comes with a built in petticoat

I should say it fits 27" very comfortably, in fact there is shirring on the back, which gives it more of a stretch so perhaps 27-30 inches.
I would like to sell this for 30 USD OBO plus shipping.

The image above shoes the ribbon ties on the inside of the skirt being cut and tied together. However, no damage was done to the actual skirt as shown by the first image.

Images above showthe piling on the top portion of the skirt and the details of the design.

2-Way Fluffy Fluff Jingle Bows
These cute bows were made and embellished with jems and a cute bow. The more popular colors that were sold at a previous convention were Lavender and Pink. Hopefully I might make more lavender, pink and even yellow during my school break. I can include a name or one word on the bow for free. They are two-way meaning they can be worn as either a broach or hair pin.

Quantity: 7 Mint (Lavender is sold out)

I am selling these for 6 dollars each plus shipping

2-Way Bunka Doll Inspired Bears
These bears were inspired by bunka dolls. They were all hand sewn and carefully crafted. They come in different hairstyles and colors! These can be worn either as a broach or a hair pin.

Quantity: (Only those available in the image) Selection is on a first come first serve basis.
These bears are 7 USD each plus shipping

Double Scoop Ice Cream Ring
Perfect for the lolita that likes something out of the ordinary. They go great with prints like milky planet and besides, more scoops of ice cream is always better than just having one! They come in a variety of flavors, so you are not limited to one boring flavor.

Quantity: 1strawberry x chocolate chunk flavor, 3 vanilla and taro flavor
These are 3 USD each plus shipping.

Single Scoop Ice Cream Ring
For those that like the simpler things in life, and feel two scoops are just too much, here is the more humble single scoop ice cream. Each is a single flavor topped with sauce and a strawberry on top.

Quantity: 3 strawberry, 2vanilla, 4 chocolate, 3 mint, 2 bubblegum (blue)
Each ring is 2 USD plus shipping

Cupcake and Macaron Rings
These sweet rings are embellished with gems stars and pearls. The Cupcakes have sparkly gems and a cute yellow star while the Macarons also have gems but with a cute blue pearl ontop.

Quantity: (only the ones in the image below are available )
Each ring is 3USD plus shipping

Star Pendant (comes with color chain of your choice)
This star pendant is embellished with sparkly stones and is super durable. You can wear this in and out of lolita!
(Scroll down to view the colors available for chains)

Quantity: 4 brown, 1 white, 2 pink
Price of each pendant is 5 USD plus shipping

Sweet Cake House (comes with color chain of your choice)
Something unusual but cute is this cake house. It has a tart base surrounded by melted marshmellows and strawberries, not to mention the chocolate door, with layers of bread. On top, lots of whip cream with embellishments is added and topped off with a huge star to adding to it's complexity.
(Scroll down to view the colors available for chains)

Quantity:  coffee heart (SOLD OUT), 1 green heart, 2 blue heart
Price is 8USD each plus shipping

Available Chain Colors

Thanks for Viewing!!!

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