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DS: BTSSB JSK, BL shoes, Handmade classic skirt cheap

Welcome on my sales post
This is repost from my sales post back in April

Please read:
* I sell from the Netherlands.
* I ship worldwide
* Prices are exclusive shipping
* I ship everything with insurance, You can request a cheaper shipping method, but then I will not take any responsibility if the package get lost.
* Shipping price for each item is inside Europe: E 13.10 Outside Europe: E 20,-- / $27,--
* If you think an item is to expensive, please make an reasonable offer, I will always consider it.
* I only accept paypal (worldwide) , or Bankoverschrijving (the Netherlands only)
* I can ship out on monday, friday of saturday.
* Some items have a few stains, or are slightly damaged. You can see the stains/ damage on the pictures.
* I have some feedback here and here
* I have a cat, and even though its almost impossible to get it completely hair free, I will do anything to get away as much hair as I can
* Please feel free to ask me anything

Then onto the items

First on
Baby the stars shine bright JSK

Back of the dress.
Baby logo
This dress has some stains, They do not come out in the washing machine, I took it to a dry cleaner and they also could not get them out completely. I do not know exactly what the stains are, they got on the skirt at an event, I think it must have been some kind of food that was on a chair where I sat down on. please see the pictures below.
Stains from a distance
Because of these stains, I will sell the dress for E40,-- / $52,-- The dress is in very good conditions besides the stains, I only wore it three or four times.
Measurements: Lenght: 75 cm / 29.5 inch
Chest: stretches to 93 cm / 36,5 inch
Waist: stretches to 79 cm / 31,25 inch


~Body line pink shoes

Very cute shoes, I only tried them on once, but they were so uncomfortable to me, that I had to take them of right away.
See, never worn XD
Brand and size

Price E 9,-- / $ 11,60
They are size 25

Last item is a skirt made by me

Cute classic skirt that I made some time ago. This was one of my earlier sewing projects.
The waist band is completely elastic and stretches from 64 cm / 13 inch to 118 cm / 46.5 inch

The fabric is a very good quality cotton mix. The lining is polyester (I think) and the lace is all soft cotton.
Lace and fabric close up

This skirt will go for E 25,-- / $ 32,--

Measurements: Lenght: 56 cm / 22 inch Including the lace
waist: 64 cm / 13 inch --> Stretches to 118 cm / 46,5 inch

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