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AFC!, DS! - New Collection - Glitter Shells

Good day to all! Today I present my new Glitter Shell collection - it's not full yet, brooches, stud earrings and hair clips and combs are yet to come. All items will be made individually, so you can choose the color combos yourself.

I accept paypal only.
Paypal fees are included.
I ship international from Russia.
Shipping - 6$ worldwide for trackable airmail. Up to 2-7 jewelry items depending on combined weight.
EGL Feedback page

General info:
I take commissions for individual designs.
I can make the available designs with custom colors.
All custom made items require a 40% nonrefundable deposit.
If you're not happy with the quality note me 2 days within receipt – otherwise I don't accept returns.

Don't forget to check my other designs at my Etsy shop - Bitter Sweet.
If you don't have a Etsy account, PM me about items you'd like.

Ring - 5$

The ring is about 2.5 cm wide and is set on a silver-toned adjustable base.

Necklace - each 18.5$

Both necklaces are choker-length, they are placed nicely on the collarbone. The pearl chain measures 40 cm, plus the pendant. The pendants are 3 (shell) and 5.5 (ribbon) cm wide. Chain extensions can be attached for extra length.

Mini shell bracelet - 17.3$

Miniature colorful clam shells divided by white pearls, each measures 1.5 cm across and was individually sculpted. 20 cm long, can be made longer for extra.

Double pearl shell bracelet - 15.5
The charm is 3 cm wide and is fixed on two double pearl chains 6 cm each. 15 cm all in all, chain extensions can be added for best fit.

Ribbon shell bracelet - 20$

The clay "ribbon" gone halfway around the wrist and is finished with a 4.5 cm pearl chains on both sides. The bow is 4 cm long. 17 cm, can be made bigger or smaller.

All of these pedants are hand-sculpted by me without any molds.

Thanks for looking!

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