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So long, and thanks for all the fish ♥

DS and WTB

-I take paypal (the fees and usually shipping are included in the price you see) and money orders.

-I reserve the right to decline a sale to my liking.  The first to leave their paypal or give me the best offer has dibs usually.

-Reasonable offers are welcome and trades/partial trades will be considered, but I would prefer the money. (as far as trades go I'm looking for mori girl, dolly kei and otome-kei related items as well as lolita accessories and clothing. My favorite brands are ETC, Jane Marple and I'd love to get my hands on some more indie brands, especially Pink House, Chantilly, and Sepaphim. I'm always looking for cute fabrics, items with cats, nerdy related lolita items and unique hair pieces/bows. Also any yuri/shoujo-ai stuffs :3)

-I'm normally open to holds/payment plans with a nonrefundable deposit.  Just PM me about it.

-If you would like to see my feedback, I do have 100% positive feedback on my etsy so take a look. :3

-If you do buy from me please leave me feedback on my eglfeedback page!  (which if you click the link you can also see the rest of my feedback there) :D



Grey leopard print hairbow - $6
I bought this on a whim. I've had it for some time now, but I've only tried it on. I also have a solid pink one so if your interested I can try and dig it out and take a picture.


2 pairs of hairpins - $4 a pair (OBO)
I got these as a gift. The pins the bows are on are really snug so they shouldn't fall out... my hair is just normally damaged/dry so it was hard to get them on and off with out pulling something with them. :c One of them I pulled apart to see if that would help any but now it's just kinda stuck. OTZ so if you buy that pair I'll knock off some of the price. I can add more pictures if you like.


ALSO for reference my measurements when I last tried these on are as follows: 33 1/2 to 34 inch bust; 27 inch waist; and I'm about 5'2" However right now I've grown a few inches so... xD;

Pintuck, ruffle, button and collar close-up
Back of blouse

Offbrand pintuck blouse - $16

I got this over a year ago and I've only tried it on a few times. Bought it to put under JSKs but I guess I'm more of a cardigan girl. This is a children's size 14, and it has a bit of stretch to it.  I personally can fit into it fine, but the pintucks do funny things.  xD I can measure it if you like. :D  The details are very sweet and its like a blank canvas.  I was going to add lace or even a small ruffle to the collar and sleeves so the possibilities are endless!

Lace detail
Lace on sleeves

Lipservice scull blouse - $16
I really like this, but its not my style any more now that I'm starting to branch into mori-girl/natural-kei/otome-kei styles on my 'off-days'. It does show wear on the screen print but nothing that isn't photographed. Besides, I always thought it added a more punk touch. :3 The lace isn't scratchy, and even if you think it is it looks really nice and wouldn't be touching your skin anyway. ^^


Offbrand hoodie jacket - $25
It is light, but very warm and cozy and slightly fitted. Its made out a fleece material and in addition to being a beautiful light blue, it also a a bit of shimmer to it. Nothing distracting. I think this would be even cuter with lolita look with some additions - maybe some pearl strands and ribbon? A cute brooch? :3 Great filler piece and awesome to have if spring or fall is rolling in wherever you live! The only thing is the drawstring out of hood is missing, but that's an easy fix.


WhiteXBlack 'Creepers' - $47
These are in great condition considering I've worn these since my freshman year in high school (mind you, I am in my early twenties. xD). I didn't notice how dirty they are until I sat down to take pictures of them, but they will be cleaned before I send them off. The black 'rope' going across the top of the heel is a bit worn off from bumping into thing since I'm clumsy in platforms, but nothing too bad. That's the only damage I can see.


Plush Hand Crocheted Bows
Big: $15
Small: $10

These can be done with any type of yarn and in any color. Completely made to order and customizable! Please ask for availability in the yarn you'd like, especially if you would like another color not shown (These yarns are available in lots of colors and I'm happy to pick them up for you. :D).

Please choose which type of backing you'd like when buying! If you'd like anything different just ask!
Backings on hand: Hair clips, 2 way broochXalligator clips, hair combs
Other available attachments: cell phone lanyards

I can also add pearls, charms/cabochons, ribbon bows or whatever you may like for an extra fee. :3


I'm looking for a short sleeved cutsew at the moment! Right now I'm a 36 B so it should be able to fit that size or maybe even a bit smaller (I'm working on losing weight). I don't want to limit my color options.

I'm also looking for any Rilakkuma items, a bolero in any pastel colors or black or brown flat shoes in any any condition that will fit a size 8.5 or 9 US.

I don't really want to spend more than $30 at the moment as well. ^^
Thank you!
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