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leaving lolita sale-RARE discounted alice and the pirates dress

DS: leaving lolita sale

-I ship from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
-I will ship worldwide
-I don't smoke and my lolita clothing is kept well away from the dog
-You can view my feedback here
-All prices are negotiable within reason
-I only accept Paypal
-prices do not include shipping, please tell me your location and I will calculate shipping for you as quickly as possible
-please ask if you want tracking or insurance added
-I can combine shipping if you want to buy 2 or more items

Metamorphose Headress SOLD
what it looks like on
bought in japan directly from the store, it's a really lovely piece but i don't feel comfortable in such a big headress, worn twice

ANGELIC PRETTY red royal poodle OP and headbow SOLD
(amazing rhinestones on the waistbow)
missing the crown brooch
bust-33 inches- approx 40 inches   the back is shirred and gives alot of stretch
waist- 28 inches- approx 32 inches
length- 33 inches
originally paid £220 I would like to get at least £150  now reduced to £110  I am willing to split the set up.

Rare Alice and the Pirates Rose Jsk SOLD
picture of it worn
stock photo
this was my first lolita dress bought in Japan directly from La Foret about 3 years ago
it has a slight boned bodice giving it a longer more flattering shape then most lolita dresses. it is covered in amazing details, like the little corsages on the strap and and draping little material flowers pictured here.
it is well used but in very good condition as i treasure it. it is a slight off white and will be handwashed before being sent out.
bust  24 inches - approx 34 inches
waist 24 inches- approx 28 inches it's hard to measure the max measurement because of the boning however i was a curvy 28 inches when i wore this last an it was very comfortable
£160  now reduced to £120 but open to offers

image plus angelic pretty replica SOLD
really comfy and good quality for a cheap item
worn twice
bust- 29 inches -38 inches
waist- fits 29" easily maybe stretch to 31 inches
price- £40  £30 or make an offer

angelic pretty mermaid symphony clam headress SOLD
good quality, hasn't been worn in over a year
bought through a shopping service
£25 or best offer


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