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!DS: Plus friendly offbrand tops ( 1 aristo/pirate style and 1 punk/goth)

  • The proof that these items are indeed mine is through having one of my teddy bears in the photo.
  • I can try them on to give you an idea as to how they look on a person. (My measurements are: B - 41", W - 30" for reference)
  • I'm always willing to take more photos (especially since my camera is not the best).
  • Prices are always up for reasonable negotiations.
  • My feedback can be found here

New York & Company: Burgundy Ruffle Blouse

Brand new without tags
$20 or best offer + Shipping ($5 Priority Shipping unless another method is requested)

Bust: 42"
Waist: 34"
It has only been worn in order to try it on. The measurements come from the NY&C website however the fabric is extremely stretchy and forgiving. My bust was probably closer to 45/46" when I originally bought this and it looked fine.

Punky/Gothic knit hoodie with pockets
Worn 4 or so times.
$10 + Shipping ($5 if I can manage to get it into a flat rate evelope, $8 if I have to switch to the box)

SUPER stretchy material, these are just based off flat measurements
Bust: 40 inches
Waist: 36 inches
Sadly my camera could not catch all of the detail in it well but it is a super nice knit material that is perfect during the winter as it will definitely keep you warm. The tab looking things sticking out on the sides are not stiff and simply fall to the sides (around the hips) when worn. It is again extremely stretchy, I think I wore it when my bust had hit around 47" and it could probably even go to 50".
Tags: *plus size, offbrand

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