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DS! Closed cleaning. New items and old sales.

Hello, I realy need to get some money so I need to sell some of my stuff. >_<

Somes rules

*I ship from France
*Prices are in Euro
*I'm new on EGL Sales so look at my ebay feedback (100% positive) :
*Paypal frees are on your charge.
*Shipping prices are not included. Please let me know where you live so I can calculate the posting price.
*I can do a meeting trade in Paris if you live in France.
*I have a cat and she don't goes on my lolita clothes. But still, be aware they may be one hair on it (even if I check before sending)

BTSSB White Upper Princess dress.

Conditions: Like new. Used 3times. No flaws or stains noticed
Original price: 450euros
Price asked: 250euros
More info: The collar, the arms frous frous and the laces are removable.
Size M
Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6

PS: I have a AATP white skirt who can go with this dress.
If your intereded, I can make a price for the set.

Bodyline Ichigo ribbon.

Conditions: New, never used it because I don't like it
Original Price: idk.. it was with a walolita set of 90euros
Price asked: 3euros

Black sugar Blouse.

Original price: 55euros
Price asked: 20euros (because of the grey lines)
Conditions: I used it one time and hand washed it carefully after but some of the black parts maked some grey lines under the white tissue where they are. (look at the photo HERE ). It's not realy visible when you wear it but you need to be noticed.
Photo 2
Other info: The collar is removable
Size M

Cyperous Light brown Wig + cap

Original Price: 8900 yens (81 euros)
Price asked: 50 euros
Conditions: New! Only tryed on for 1 min.
Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4
More info: Resist to hot, you can wash it, it's looks like real hair and is from one of the best japanese wig brand.

Thank you for looking.

I'm open to any question.
I realy need to get them away of my closed. 

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