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DS/DT: AaTP & Versailles Rose Ribbon JSK and matching Headbow in red! [SOLD]

Some stuff to note before the goodies:

- Prices are in USD.
- I won't trade for anything other than what I have asked for.
- For this sale, I would rather trade than sell. A trade offer will take priority over a cash offer.
- No holds.
- I accept Paypal only.
- I will include tracking in shipping prices by default. If you want anything more than that, like insurance, please request it (and be prepared to cough up!)
- If you have any questions or would like to see more photos of the items, feel free to ask!

My feedback is HERE. More feedback on my etsy page, as well.

Behold, the AaTP & Versailles collaboration Rose Ribbon JSK in red:

Brand page

Back - Close-up of bodice

And the matching Versailles Rose Ribbon headbow:

Brand page

Detail (Sorry for the blurriness!)

Condition is new with tags, no flaws.

Measurements (from the website):
Length: 95cm (or 37.40 inches)
Bust: 92cm-100cm (or 36.22-39.37 inches)
Waist:68cm-76cm (or 26.77-29.92 inches)

Note: My bust is 34 inches (a bit smaller than the minimum listed!) and the dress still fits me perfectly fine up top. I suspect that the dress will fit comfortably within a reasonable range of the website's estimates. For the bust, however, I would not try stretching it more than 40 inches.

I love Versailles, so I rushed to reserve the set - but it was only when I first received it and tried it on that I realized the style of the dress and bow was just a bit too sweet for my more classical tastes.

The dress itself is gorgeous; there's some light boning in the bodice to give you a great shape, and there is a panel of shirring behind the front laces, so there is a bit of give up top. The dress goes on with a long, hidden side zipper. The two bows across the back of the dress are detachable via buttons; the waist-tie is also removable and is attached by two lovely rose-shaped buttons. The lace detailing and rose embroidery is also really lovely! As for the bow, it's huge and really adorable. It's wired, so you can reshape the top part to your liking. All in all, it's a fantastic set, but it's just not right for me.

What I will trade for:

The Original BtSSB & Versailles JSK

The original collaboration dress that was released in late '08 and that is now really hard to find. I would strongly prefer the red version, but I will consider other colorways.


For the set, my price is 400 USD. The price includes shipping to you (under $30) and paypal fees. I paid $400 for the set myself, and since it's in perfect condition, I'd like to make (most of) my investment back. (Currency conversion totally kicked my ass!) I will consider other offers as long as they are above 300 USD.

Thank you!
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