Cake (kuriimu_cake) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Closet Cleaning~ Clothes!(lolita&punk)

Hello people! This is my first selling time, so I won't have any seller feedback.
I have positive feedback as a buyer on EGL, though.

Anyways, some tips I need to clear up:
+I ship from Brazil
+I will only accept PayPal
+Prices are in USD (usin Universal Currency Converter!)
+Prices do not include shipping
+Wont take trades, I need money.
+Smoking&pet free
+ Feedback here (EGL):

Feel free to ask for anything~
Now to the very large amount of clothes!. A_A"

Chocomint headbow

Owners: Im the first owner, bought from Chocomint's web site.
Condition: like new, worn only twice.
Reason of selling: I only wore it twice. Don like katyushkas. Y_Y
Price: US$24

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright GLITTER socks (blue)

Owners: Im the first owner
Condition: New, still sealed.
Reason of selling: Mean joke from my boyfriend, I wanted blue socks, he bought me...this. I don't like glitter, so I never even tried them on. Please, please take them, I've had them for over a year now!
Price: USD$25

BODYLINE pink bloomers

Owners: bought from EGL, but new with tags
Condition: Wrinkled from not using them. New, with tag.
Reason of selling: They are a size F. Kind of too big for me.
Price: USD$35


Owners: Im the first one, bought from BL's website
Condition: New with tags
Reason of selling: too short for me y.y
Price: USD$30


Owners: 2nd, bought through Japan Auctions
Condition: mint, shows no sign of being worn.
Reason of selling: I dont use it
Price: USD$55
Size: M; (about) shoulder: 11.8inch - total length: 22inch

Algonquins Shirt

Owners: 2nd. Bought through yahoo auctions.
Condition: fresh, got it out just for showing
Reason of selling: Its too small.
Price: USD50
Size: Small. (about) shoulder: 14.6inch - sleeve length: 17.7inch - total length: 21.7inch

H.Blood Tote bag (big)

Owners: 2nd.
Condition: Mint!
Reason of selling: I dont use it
Price: USD25


That would be all, for now. I'll get the rest later~

Thank you for looking, and have a nice day~

Tags: baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto

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