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WTB: March of Ducks, Starry Candy Rabbit, B/wPolkadots

Hello EGL~

Here is my feedback on the database

I'm in search of a few Meta items. :3

Will pay right away with Paypal.

I would LIKE to have them for a meetup that is in the near near future, so US sellers are preferred! I would like it here by next Saturday if possible. I am in 96818 USA.

Colorways are not that important. I'm pretty partial to all of them. :3 Just no all-pink.

March of Ducks (either style jsk, skirts are good too)

Candy Star Rabbit (either style jsk, skirts are good too):

This Meta Polkadot JSK (or another b/w polkadot Jsk)

All replies are greatly appreciated! ^u^ Thanks for looking!
Tags: !wtb, metamorphose

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