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DS: lace and velour


  • Please pay by Paypal. Singaporean buyers can pay by DBS bank transfer!
  • All prices include shipping (tracked), but Paypal surcharges still apply. For US buyers, it’s an additional 3% + 30cents rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • Priority goes to the first person to leave their Paypal address (or to local buyers). Please pay within three days of receiving the invoice.
  • All measurements listed below are garment measurements.
  • Unless otherwise stated, everything is in perfect condition. I am the original owner.
  • I have positive feedback here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/403720.html 



Say hello to my decapitated bear’s head!

decapbearheadproof.jpg picture by terebinth


Item #1: Victorian Maiden lace gloves, white


Perfectly new, worn only to try on. I’m letting them go only because they don’t really go with the stuff I own. ;__; Perfect for finishing any outfit!




These gloves will be sent in their original packaging, with tags, exactly the way I received them.



length: 50.5cm








Item #2: Gold-embroidered unicorn velour hooded sweater, cream


P8260042edfin.jpg picture by terebinth

P8260041ed.jpg picture by terebinth

P8260043edfin.jpg picture by terebinth


Dearly loved but never worn, thanks to Singapore’s sweaty tropical weather. Lightweight, soft, and beautifully warm; perfect for lending a touch of richness to autumn or Christmas underneath a heavy jumper skirt.


The colour is darker than you see in the pictures – it’s a rich, rich cream.


Note: Dry-clean only.


P8260044edfin.jpg picture by terebinth



Bust 93 cm (can stretch to 104cm!)



60 USD





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