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!ds - angelic pretty, baby the star shine bright, emily temple cute, lief, mew

*Feedback page
(Previous, I used

* Here are so many things. Please check the picture and explanations
carefully. ;)

* The sizes are not exactly defined.

* Payment : only paypal (Price includes paypal fee.)
no reservation, installment is OK.
But if you cancel, I just refund without fee.

* Shipping : you can choose EMS or Air mail.
(30$ - EMS - USA / 26$ - Air mail - USA)
(26$ - EMS - Europe / 22$ - Air mail - Europe)

* Please send me PM if you want to buy of have question. :)

-Whipp Cream sk and over knee socks -
Brand : Angelic pretty
Price : 70$
Color : yellow & Pink
Size : Waist ~ 69cm
Condition : 9/10

The Condition is almost perfect but it has no backside ribbon.
The over knee socks are new.

-Stripe jsk-
Brand : Emily temple cute
Price : 56$
Color : Tone down purple
Size : Length 93cm / Bust 92cm / Waist 70cm
Condition : 7/10
It is for hot summer. Really thin and cool.
It is made of silk and cotton.

--Lilical bunny 2way bag--

Brand : Angelic pretty
Price : 100$
Color : Pink x Saxblue
Size : width 8.3inch / height 9.8inch
Condition : 10/10
I bought new one from angelic pretty.
I unwraped it.

-Ichigo Yukata--

Brand : Angelic pretty
Price : 136$
Color : Pink
Condition : 10/10
I bought new one on the YJ! but I didn't wear it.
I'm 166cm and the skirt is drawn about 10cm.
There is obi in the dress. (I hang it on the hanger.)

-Chess Alice op--

Brand : Baby, the star shine bright
Price : 136$
Color : Red
Condition : 8/10
There are little two spot on the apron. But it is so small and faint.

-Sanbo Candisang jsk-

Brand : Angelic pretty
Price : 150$
Color : Pink
Condition : 5/10
There is no fault but I wear it many times. So I marked the condition like that.

-Gardenberries,Rabbit and Crochet sk-

Brand : Lief
Price : 90$
Color : Fancy
Condition : 10/10
Sorry for no iron. It is new one.
(I have two milky jsk, and two fancy skirt.)

-My favorite things set-

Brand : Baby, the star shine bright
Price : 230$
Color : Red
Condition : About 10/10
Size : Bust 87cm / Waist 72cm
It looks almost new one. The kneesocks is angelic pretty's.
This set include jsk, headbow, and the socks.

-Rose block / Rose stripe op-

Brand : Mew
Price : 170$
Condition : 10/10 (new one)
Size : Bust 90cm / Waist 72cm
I'm the owner of my indi-brand, [Mew].
I show this dress in Korea's lolita convention.
I want to show you either, so I update hear with my sales things.
If you order another color or size, it takes about a month to make it.

You can choose in these fabrics.(Except red rose block fabric)
I cannot make many dresses, sorry. :)

Thank you !
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