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DS: Plus/Tall size friendly items PLUS FREE GIFTS

- My feedback can be found here (+30)
- I ship from Hungary, EU
- EU buyers preferred, but if you are willing to pay extra costs of shipping, just ask, I can calculate it for you
- I make photo proof of shipping and tracking, so if you do not choose the EMS option wich is insured I'm not responsible if the package is lost.
- first paypal address comes first
- I'm open to reasonable offers
- items will be shipped next Monday
- paypal fees are included!

Notice: my friends are just going to start a business called Holy Sugar Factory, they are going to sell handmade charms and accessories that match sweet lolita style. So to every purchase from this post the buyers can choose a cute little accessory:

These are NOT for sale yet, only bonus gifts!

1. Chocochip Cookie skirt and sock set

This is a lovely skirt with a fully shirred waist, it's also fully lined. Decorated with two rows of lovely gobelin print, and two rows of ruffles, also with beautiful white lace. It's cream colored, but not the usual cream like Baby has, it's rather a deeper cream shade wich can be coordinated nicely with white or bordeaux, even with brown and dark green. I give you a matchint pair of knee socks wich are about the same color as the skirt itself, they are also quite strechy, availavle for bigger calves.

I bought it as brand new from Chocochip Cookie's webshop for about 14 000 yen + service fees + shipping. Unfortunately I never had a chance to wear it, because the hip size is too small for me. But it's perfect for taller lolitas, even for girls around 180 cm, because it's VERY long compared to other skirts! Because the hipline is fixed, I recommend it for hirls who have a smaller hip compared to a bigger waist.

Lenght: 60 cm (!)
Waist size: 60-100 cm
Hip size: 100 cm max

Price: 120 USD
Shipping within EU: 15 USD
Shipping anywhere else: 23 USD

2. BTSSB Teddy Bear JSK + bonnet + bow set PAYMENT PENDING
(For those who love bears but doesn't like Usakumya)

This lovely pink JSK has no zipper, and a fully shirred back, also the minisleeves are shirred, so the lenght (wich is already quite long compared to Baby's usual sizes) can be flexible as well. It's decorated with teddy bear buttons and lace, wicg is totally adorable:

Comes with a matching bonnet with bear ears and bear lace:

The dress was worn about 3 times by a friend when she was pregnant, never worn by me. It's professionally dry-cleaned, needs an ironing only. It's very very comfortable, and even bigger girls can wear a blouse under it.

Lenght: 98-105 cm
Bust: I have 107 cm bust, and it still has some strech, so I would say 110 max, but also looks cute on not-so-busty girls. My friend who has a 92 cm bust tried it on with a blouse under and it looked really cute on her!
Waist: free (empire)

Price: 150 USD
Shipped within EU: 17 USD
Shipped anywhere else: 25 USD

3. BTSSB Monokuro Karami JSK

This was in a lucky pack last september, since then I haven't worn it outside my home. It's beautiful pitch-black, with white lace, three-tiered, shirred back and front with lacing up. The straps are also shirred, so it's again very flexible to wear, quite comfortable for bustier or taller lolis. The shape is very flattering, I think even my smaller size friends looked very cute in it when they tried on (or even cuter as I do ^-^).

A photo with flash to show you the lovely karami fabric - the stripes are so elegant:

Lenght: 100-110 cm (streching the straps)
Bust: 110 cm max
Waist: free (empire)

Price: 120 USD
Shipped within EU: 17 USD
Shipped anywhere else: 25 USD

And as a freebie, you can choose one from these lovely handmade sweets and charms:

1. Chocolate macaron mobile charm
2. Forest fruits mobile charm
3. Caramel heart-shaped macaron mobile charm
4. Kitten ice-cream mobile charm
5. Bunny ice-cream mobile charm
6. Cookie ice-cream mobile charm
7. Hot strawberry cocoa with biscuit and cream charm pendant (for charm bracelets, etc)
8. Raspberry cake earrings
9. Orange ice-cream earrings
10. Apricot cake pendant with cake slices earrings

Please feel free to make offers if you are intrested - I'm open to reasonable price offers.
Thank you!

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