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DS/DT: Angelic Pretty, Dear Celine, AATP, & Shoes!

EGLFeedback +40
Ebay +111

EGL_Comm_sales +34 in my journal
My feedback screencapped.

Please read:
* I live in WA, USA
* I accept paypal w/ fees 5% (I think it went up since I'm not getting the correct amount most of the time :/), cc and noncc applies to fees
*If you would like to avoid paypal fees, you can send the money through paypal: personal: gift using a debit card or paypal balance
* I also accept concealed cash
* Items are not refundable/returnable
* I am not responsible for lost orders * Items are negotiable
* I would like to ship in the US but can ship internationally
*Shipping is included in the US ONLY
*No trades

Priority goes to people with highest offer.

Angelic Pretty Dot Chiffon JSK + Headbow SOLD

Picture proof: Here & Here
$380 shipped.

AATP Chandelier Flocky JSK  SOLD

Bust: 86cm  Waist: 71cm  Length: 95cm
Picture proof:
I paid 26040 yen w/o shipping for this so I kind of just want to get my money back, nwt.
$280 shipped.

Ling Lam White Heel Lolita Shoes - size 7.5 US

Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3   Picture 4   Picture 5   Picture 6    Picture 7
*Please look at the pictures to see the marks and condition.
$25 shipped.

Plaid Blowfish Shoes - Size 7 US
*Red/Black                                                                                   *White/Black

Picture 1      Picture 2
*Please look at pictures to see marks and condition. These didn't seem to have anything on them besides the bottom. :P
$30 shipped.

Dear Celine Yellow JSK     SOLD

Bust: 33"  Waist:27"   New, never worn.
$45 shipped.

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Skirt 

Waist: 27in max
$65 shipped.

AATP Stained Glass/Seraphim JSK   SOLD

Picture proof: Here
Bust: ~34"  Waist: ~27"
$330 shipped.

AATP Black Gather Chiffon JSK   SOLD

Picture Proof
Bust: 37" max probably
Waist: 28" max
$320 shippe

Prices are negotiable! Please don't be afraid to ask!
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, dear celine, offbrand

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