Victoria Suzanne (palantiriell) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Victoria Suzanne

DS: Angelic Pretty Cosmetic OP, Milky-chan OP

Milky-chan BROWN OP
Pink little fawns play among boxes, lamps and perfume bottles, some in reference to other Angelic Pretty prints like Rose Toilette and Cherry Berry Bunny, with custom deer-patterned net lace. Satin chocolate brown ribbon tie with pink heart drops above a lacy jabot, with detchable waist ties.

28" waist
30" bust
24" length from waist to bottom of lace trim

$285 with $10 US shipping, $20 international

Cosmetic PINK OP - Rare!
Pink onepiece from Angelic Pretty with monotone pink cosmetic print of powder puffs and pearls, with velvet bow detail, and delicate floral net lace. Small flaw on print that I can't photograph; otherwise in mint condition. Detachable sleeves and removable waist ties; ball fringe on bow and rhinestone buttons on the back of the sailor-brim collar.

$135 OBO

Waist: 28"
bust: 30"
length: 21"

official Kera photo showing matching detachable sleeves!

I accept Paypal only; no trades.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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