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Angelina the Zombie Princess

DS: BABY Swan Lake Skirt, BABY blouse, Angelic Pretty Blouse + Offbrand

Payment: I accept paypal only.

☆ Please inquire for shipping prices :)
☆ I'm near Toronto, Canada.
☆ All items are from a smoke-free pet-free home.
☆ Prices are in US dollars.
Feedback is here.



Swan Lake Skirt by BABY the Stars Shine Bright
Waist - 25.5 inches [it also has a 5 inch panel of shirring in the back.
I have a 25 inch waist and I found it extremely comfortable, but obviously it can give a little bit due to the shirring]

Bought on egl_comm_sales, worn once by it’s previous owner and once by me!
I could not find a single flaw with this skirt. I looked quite hard! It’s in perfect condition.
This print is so gorgeous, it’s unbelievable.

PRICE: $90.00 + shipping $78.00 + shipping


Heart Blouse by BABY the Stars Shine Bright
Chest - 34.5 inches
Waist - 32 inches

Bought on egl_comm_sales, worn once by it’s previous owner and once by me!
In perfect condition. This is a creamy off-white.

PRICE: $80.00 + shipping $70.00 + shipping



Crown Lace Blouse by Angelic Pretty
Chest - 34 inches
Waist - 30 inches

This comes with a neck ruffle!
The lace is absolutely beautiful

Purchased on egl_comm_sales. Worn once by it’s previous owner, never worn by me.
One day I pulled this out of my closet to wear it, and I noticed it had some slight yellowing around the neck and armpits! Never having worn it, I knew it had to be from the previous owner.
The weird thing is, when I received the blouse there was absolutely no discoloration.
My thoughts are that the heat from the summer brought the color out.
To be honest, it isn’t very noticeable, but price has been adjusted to reflect the damages.

PRICE: $75 + shipping $65.00 + shipping


Custom Bustier by Vintage Opulence
SIZE - 36 B

I ordered this Bustier to match one of my Angelic Pretty Skirts.
It ended up not only being slightly too dark of a pink, but too big for me! I don’t have enough boobs for this, even with a pushup bra.
I have never worn this.
As you can see on her ETSY, her bustiers are quite expensive.
I paid around $100 for mine.

PRICE: $80.00 + shipping $70.00 + shipping

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. :)
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