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DS / WTB: Urgent sales /!\ Metamorphose, Btssb and Lolita Coat !! Black Rose Toilet headdress WTB


Welcome in my post !!

I live in France

I don't smoke, I have a dog that has no contact with clothing.
If you wanted another photo of me resquested .

For international shipping between 15 and 40 € depending on destination.
(Between 19 USD and 50 USD)

I accept a reservation , with only minimum deposit under section!
I only use my paypal for international sales.

My feedback :

Sells :

Lolita black and white coat,
brand Pentagramme
Few reach
Size M
I would like to € 100 / 129 USD.



Blouse offbrand.
new, never worn.
Buy at the JE 2009.
I would like € 12 / 15 USD.

Blouse Métamorphose
Color antic white
new, never worn.
One size, Bust 94-110 cm, with shirring.
Buy at the JE 2009.
I would like € 90/ 114 USD.

(Original Price)

Cutsew Black BTSSB
new, never worn
One size, bust 70-95 with shirring
Buy at BTSSB Paris
I would like € 50.

Cutsew black BTSSB
new, never worn
one size, bust 75.
Buy at BTSSB Paris
I would like to € 25.



I search a black Rose Toilet headdress, If you have I accept exchange with my items
( no coat and Métamorphose Blouse)

Thank you for having seen my post, ask me for any information!
See you soon (*_*)

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose, offbrand

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