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DS: Light Wool Coat

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* I will not do hold.
* Shipping is included. International, please ask.
* First person leaving their paypal gets the priority.
* I am not responsible for lost package. However, shipping confirmation is included.
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 Bust: 38inches
Underbust: 36inches
Waist: 36inches
Shoulder: 15inches
Arm Circumference: 15inches
$150.00 shipped            

I'm selling this coat that I commissioned from talia_speaks/jolie_chose from earlier this year. I was a part of  the talia debacle that caused her to be banned. I'm sacking it for 200 dollars less than I paid for with shipping. I've only wore it once, and pretty much been left in the closet. It is a cream colored light wool with satin lining. It has a ruffled back and a detachable back bow. 

However, if you can notice that the pocket gapes in this picture. What is not pictured is the first layer of back ruffle is wonky
and the front panel of the coat lays kind of funny on me. 

I'm open to reasonable offers, also.      
Tags: !ds, handmade

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