samanthab1 (samanthab1) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

ds!,socks, MAM, putumayo, Demonia bags,and non brand,for direct sale

hi all
i have some items for sale.

. i shipping from Spain
. shipping is not included in the price, with insurance.
. i only accept Paypal, except if you live in Spain.
. please, make you payment soon.
. please,don´t write if you don´t have a real interest, you can win a negative feedback for that
. write me if you have some question
thank you ^_^
feedback :

Putumayo black x red  socks ,bought in japan,price : 12 euros + 5 euros shipping with insurance  SOLD,THANKS

MAM headress, used a few times, in perfect condiction, bought in japan
price 10 euros + 5 euros shipping cost wih insurance

shoulder bag, punk style, used 2 times, in perfect condiction
price 7 euros + 10 euros shipping cost with insurance

black bag, aristocratic style, bought second hand from another user,but very good condiction
price 10 euros + 6,50 shipping cost with insurance

gothic style bag, with violet bat, Demonia,never used.
price 10 euros + 7,75 shipping cost with insurance

Tags: putumayo

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